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The Tulster SideKick

The Tulster SideKick

Posted by Richard Hobbs on Nov 20th 2019

Coming Soon!

We are in the final stages of designing and putting into production a "claw-like" attachment for the Tulster Profile Holster. Introducing the Tulster SideKick.

So what is the SideKick?
It's a common problem, especially with larger firearms, for the grip to be the main cause of printing (outline of the firearm seen through a shirt) when concealing a firearm.

The idea behind an optional concealment SideKick is to push the grip of the firearm into the body to minimize printing. The Tulster SideKick is designed to be mounted on the trigger guard (on the outside of the holster) adding leverage. As the belt is tightened the grip is pushed into the body.

The Tulster SideKick will be released soon and will be easy to retrofit on your IWB holster. All SideKicks will come with the necessary mounting hardware and instructions. 

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