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EDC Gear

  • The Delta Tray - Carbon Fiber Black, Large

    The Delta Tray - Carbon Fiber Black, Large

    Designed with convenience in mind, the Delta Tray from Tulster is thermoformed from an aluminum mold for a flawless finish. Each tray is compartmentalized with three different sized spaces for ease of organization. Whether you're at work or home the...

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  • Scount Sling

    Scount Sling

    The Scout Sling is a minimalist, modular sling that is designed to complement the magnetic Sentry Strap. The Scout Sling is made from 1” lightweight, strong Milspec Webbing, and features an injection-molded piece called the...

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  • Scount Sling Pad

    Scount Sling Pad

    The Scout Sling Pad is the perfect accessory to the minimalist, modular Scout Sling. Made from lightweight, strong Milspec Webbing and breathable Cordura 1000 Mesh, this ultra-slim shoulder pad can be easily added to the Scout Sling. With the...

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  • Sentry Strap

    Sentry Strap

    The Sentry Strap is an innovative solution to staging your rifle sling. Two powerful Neodymium magnets inside the Sentry Strap hold the sling securely and allow quick, simple deployment. Grab your sling, tug, and the sentry strap breaks away on its own...

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