ARC IWB Holster in Left Hand for: Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Streamlight TLR-7 Sub


Compatible With:
  • Hellcat Pro
  • Thumb Safety
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The ARC Series light-bearing holster is guaranteed to help shed light on any situation.

Intentionally designed to be as compact as possible for various weapon-mounted lights, the ARC Series is the best option for both comfort and concealment while carrying your preferred pistol and light.

Equipped with the all-new Tulster wing, this holster provides advanced concealment while minimizing bulk. The innovative design and attachment of the wing allows the removal of more material from below the holster, improving user comfort.

The ARC Series’ dual custom "overhooks" are designed for maximum support and are engineered to minimize the possibility of snagging the bottom of the "overhooks" on your pants as you stage your holster for daily carry.

LIGHT-BEARING: Designed for various weapon-mounted lights, each model being custom-designed based on 3D scans of the actual gun and light.  

OPTIC-READY: The tool mold design and trim paths accommodate a wide variety of red dot sights, from RMRs to SROs.

TUCKABLE: The discreet and ultra-strong, custom-designed polymer clips allow for adjustable ride height and can be worn with a tucked-in shirt, either appendix or strongside carry.

ENHANCED CONCEALMENT: Tulster’s very own concealment device, the Tulster wing, changes the game when it comes to concealed carry. Each ARC holster comes with this attachment, providing a more compact holster by working to eliminate any unnecessary material. Less plastic means more comfort for you.

ULTRA COMFORT FOAM WEDGE: The ARC Series’ innovative design includes the ability to add a variety of foam concealment wedges to your holster, enabling further customization of how you carry your firearm and ensuring maximum comfort while doing so.

Warranty Details

Tulster proudly stands behind every product we make with a bulletproof Lifetime Warranty. If your holster or magazine carrier cracks or breaks at any time, stop using it and contact us immediately. Our Legendary Customer Service Team will promptly fix or replace the gear in question so you can continue to Carry With Confidence.

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