Frequently Asked Questions


Order did not go through, yet I see a charge on my credit card?

If you are seeing a pending charge or multiple charges - they will fall off. When you attempted to make a purchase, the charge is held temporally until the purchase is complete.... however, your billing address at your bank or credit card company didn't match with the billing address that you gave us at checkout. Our gateway card processor rejected the order and sent a release for the pending funds to your bank/credit card company. The pending charges (no matter how many) will disappear within time.

How long does it take for the charges to disappear?
Some banks or credit card companies act immediately to the void request on the charge and remove it from your account with hours. However, some banks and credit card companies will ignore the void request altogether and the pending charge(s) could sit on your account for up to a week... you are more than welcome to reach out to your financial institution and ask them to remove it.

Please check your addresses and verify they are correct. The address on your (billing) payment method must match the billing address you gave us at Tulster -- this includes the zip codes - if they don't match, the payment will not be accepted.

Why does it take so long?
We have dealt with credit card fraud so much over the last several years that we implemented "Advance Fraud Tools" on our website. It requires your billing address to match from the financial institution to the address that you gave us at checkout -- if it does not match, the order will not go through and you may see a pending temp/hold charge on your account that will fall off.

Why is Tulster charging sales tax on my order?

Due to changes in state law, you will be seeing more and more online sellers charging sales tax as it is legally required because of Nexus. This basically means if you sell on Amazon or use 3rd party fulfillment, (since they warehouse in each state) the states are viewing that as having a business/warehouse in their state requiring companies to collect/remit sales tax. Unfortunately the online sale tax loophole is being closed - we are doing our best to stay compliant.

How long does it normally take for my gear to ship?

I ordered a right handed holster and received a left handed model, what happened?

While we do make mistakes from time to time, let's start here: Tulster only offers IWB (to be worn inside the waistband/pants - NOT to be worn outside the waistband) holsters -- please check your packing slip. If you are still sure we goofed, please send a picture of your holster and packing slip to

I can't get logged into my account - how do I reset my password?

What does my Order Status mean?

"Awaiting Fulfillment" - Order has been pulled and ready for processing:
Built-to-Order items will be turned over to the production team to be fabricated and assembled.
In-Stock items will be pulled, packaged and staged for shipment.
Pre-Order items will be staged for shipment once the product is available.

"Shipped" - Order has been completed, packaged and staged for shipment. Package will be collected by carrier the same or next business day.

"Awaiting Payment" - Order will not be processed until payment has been received and cleared the bank.

My item has not shipped yet. Can I request a color change?

Unfortunately no. Orders move so fast through each department that it becomes a nightmare to track down products and orders.

Can I swap the 1.5 clip for a soft loop or 1.75 quick clip?

All holsters come standard with the 1.5" quick clip - we currently don't offer "custom orders" to swap the clip - you will need to order the 1.75" quick clip or soft loop along with your holster or separately. You can purchase them here.

We do our best to stock/warehouse all of our holsters mag carriers (for 1.5" belts) for quick shipment. To add in another variation such as a different clip or soft loop option as a swap would significantly slow down our turnaround time. In addition - a larger percentage of our orders are centered around the 1.5" belts - the added inventory to our warehouse for 1.75" users does not make sense at this time.

Can I swap/exchange for a different color or model?

We are unable to offer an exchange service at this time. Should you require to exchange an item, simply return the original item for a refund by following the Return Instructions. You may purchase the replacement at your convenience, before or after you receive your refund.

When is your customer service active?

Customer service hours are active from 8AM to 3PM CST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Messages outside of these hours will not be answered until the following business day.

Will I have a chance to cancel my order before it ships?

Our same or next business day shipping guarantee is exactly that, a guarantee. Our shipping department doesn’t hold orders for any period of time to wait for potential cancellations, so there is a good chance there may not be much time between your order being placed and shipped. If you do wish to cancel an order, feel free to can contact our customer service immediately and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If you order between the hours of 7:00AM-2:00PM CST M-F, you will not have a chance to cancel your order.

Holsters/Mag Carriers

Does Tulster offer custom kydex work?

Due to our business model we don't offer any type of custom kydex works. We only offer what is listed on the website at this time. You are more than welcome to request a model - here.

I'm missing a screw or rubber spacer. What now?

Replacement hardware packs can be purchased from our Holster Accessories.

What thickness kydex do you use?

We use .08. Many companies use .06 but we feel it is way to thin and flexible. .08 is barely thicker but much more rigid.

Is the carbon fiber patterned holsters made of real carbon fiber?

Absolutely not! Real carbon fiber would be a terrible material to make holsters or mag carriers. Our carbon fiber patterned holsters are actually made from Boltaron 4332 with an eye catching carbon fiber texture. Boltaron is very similar to kydex and arguably a better material.

How do I maintain my new kydex holster or mag carrier?

Check your clip and retention screws on a regular basis to ensure everything is still secure and in place. Wash and wipe down the holster or mag carrier when needed with hot soapy water.

Do soft loops come with my purchase of a holster or mag carrier?

No. Every holster and/or mag carrier come standard with an 1.5" clip. Additional hardware such as soft loops or 1.75" clips will need to purchased separately.

Profile Holsters

I have after market suppressor sights. Will that be a problem?

No - all of our holsters are designed with high sight channels to allow for after market sights.

Will my threaded barrel be an issue?

No - all of our holsters are an open-ended design to allow for threaded barrels to pass-through.

Does the Profile holster have adjustable retention?

Yes! With all of our Profile Holsters, you can dial in the perfect retention for you with a phillips screwdriver..

Does the Profile have adjustable cant angle?

Yes. 0-30 degrees. Just loosen the (2) screws on the clip and adjust the cant angle as desired.

Will your Kydex holsters cause "holster wear" on my gun?

Absolutely! Even though Kydex is really forgiving, if you actually train with your weapon, ANY holster will cause "holster wear". Let's be honest, your carry gun is a tool that may save your life - keeping it pretty is not top priority. However, we build all of our holsters to contact the slide and frame as little as possible. Our holsters will cause less wear than a leather holster

Is the Profile holster designed for appendix carry only?

The Profile holster was designed specifically for appendix carry and will only be advertised as such. We do however have customers that tell us that the holster also works well for the 3-5 o'clock positions. None of our Tulster staff carry the Profile holster at the 3-5 o'clock position since we are huge advocates of appendix carry.

Will Tulster offer a holster for 1911s?

1911's... Maybe never.


There are a TON of 1911 manufactures and since our holsters are rigid and precision fit, there is no way for us to guarantee fitment since each manufacturer does not adhere to the same specs. We have no desire to buy a bunch of 1911s and build out a compatibility list especially when in comparison to the other modern weapons, 1911's are a very small market for those that are carrying every day.

The only way we WOULD do it is offering it for a specific model like the Kimber Pro Carry and not accept returns unless the customer bought it FOR the Pro Carry and not some other brand. Unfortunately, even in that scenario, being so specific to one gun it would make the holster the lowest performing model we sold.

Tulster is laser-focused on offering an awesome product AND customer service - i.e. super fast shipping and easy returns etc. Unfortunately the 1911's don't fit in that model since the headaches would just not be worth it.

What is your return policy on the SideKick Kit?

Once any piece of the SideKick Kit has been used, it is no longer refundable. However, if the SideKick kit is unopened and fully intact, a refund will be allowed.

Can I return a holster with a SideKick attached?

Any holster that is returned with the SideKick still attached will not be issued a refund. However, if the SideKick is fully removed and the holster is in good condition, the return on the holster will be granted as usual.

Echo Carriers

My mag carrier is loose and the magazine just moves/wiggles around, what now?

Check the size of carrier first - look inside the carrier between the clip screws to see what size carrier you were shipped.

S means Single Stack
D means Double Stack
9 means 9/40 magazines
45 means 45 magazines

Magazine will be loose in the Echo Carrier at first. You will need to tighten the (MRD) mag retention device with the included 1/8 allen wrench for best fitment. We recommend removing the magazine before adjusting the retention device. Adjust in quarter turn or less increments. If your magazine is loose or rattles in the carrier, keep adjusting the retention device for the desired fitment.

Quick video on the operation.

What size Echo Mag Carrier do I need for the Springfield Hellcat?

Springfield Hellcat mag is a staggered stack magazine and only works with the: Echo Double Stack 9/40

What size Echo Mag Carrier do I need for the Glock G43X/G48?

The new G43X and G48 mags are a staggered stack magazine unlike the G43 and only work with the: Echo Double Stack 9/40

What size Echo Mag Carrier do I need for the Sig P365?

The Sig P365 mag is a staggered stack magazine and only works with the: Echo Double Stack 9/40

What size Echo Mag Carrier do I need for the Glock 36?

What's the difference between the Echo and the Echo Pro?

The Echo Pro is an injection molded design, as opposed to the original handmade echo carrier, this is how we can offer it for a lower price point. Since it's injection molded, the Echo Pro has higher precision, such as a more angled channel, as well as a newer design. This includes longer spacing on the quick clip retention holes, and a closed bottom, with a slot to accommodate potential future hardware attachments. It also ONLY comes in black as opposed to the many other colors of the original Echo carrier.