Q: How long does it normally take for my gear to ship?
Q: Does Tulster ship internationally?
A: No, we no longer ship internationally. However... many of our international customers are using services like ShopUSA to get there orders.
Q: I'm missing a screw or rubber spacer, what now?
A: Replacement hardware packs can be purchased from our Holster Accessories.
Q: What does my Order Status mean?

"Awaiting Fulfillment" - order has been pulled and ready for processing:

  • Built-to-Order items will be turned over to the production team to be fabricated and assembled.
  • In-Stock items will be pulled, packaged and staged for shipment.
  • Pre-Order items will be staged for shipment once the product is available.

"Shipped" - order has been completed, packaged and staged for shipment. Package will be collected by carrier the same or next business day.

"Awaiting Payment" - order will not be processed until payment has been received and cleared the bank.

Q: Does the Profile holster have adjustable retention?
A: Yes.
Q: Does the Profile have adjustable can't (angle)?
A: Yes. 0-15 degrees. Just loosen the (2) screws on the clip and adjust the cant angle as desired.
Q: What thickness kydex do you use?
A: We use .08. Many companies use .06 but we feel it is way to thin and flexible.  .08 is barely thicker but much more rigid.
Q: Is the carbon fiber patterned holsters made of real carbon fiber?
A: Absolutely not! Real carbon fiber would be a terrible material to make holsters or mag carriers. Our carbon fiber patterned holsters are actually made from Boltaron 4332 with an eye catching carbon fiber texture. Boltaron is very similar to kydex and arguably a better material.
Q: Will your Kydex holsters cause "holster wear" on my gun?
A: Absolutely! Even though Kydex is really forgiving, if you actually train with your weapon, ANY holster will cause "holster wear". Let's be honest, your carry gun is a tool that may save your life - keeping it pretty is not top priority. However, we build all of our holsters to contact the slide and frame as little as possible. Our holsters will cause less wear than a leather holster.
Q: Is the Profile holster designed for appendix carry only?
A: The Profile holster was designed specifically for appendix carry and will only be advertised as such. We do however have customers that tell us that the holster also works well for the 3-5 o'clock positions. None of our Tulster staff carry the Profile holster at the 3-5 o'clock position since we are huge advocates of appendix carry.
Q: My item has not shipped yet... can I request a color change?
A: Unfortunately no... orders move so fast through each department that it becomes a nightmare to track down products and orders.
Q: How do I maintain my new kydex holster or mag carrier?
A: Check your clip and retention screws on a regular basis to insure everything is still secure and in place. Wash and wipe down the holster or mag carrier when needed with hot soapy water.
Q: Do soft loops come with my purchase of a holster or mag carrier?
A: No. Every holster and/or mag carrier come standard with an 1.5" clip. Additional hardware such as soft loops or 1.75" clips will need to purchased separately.