OATH Series

The OATH is a highly concealable, ultra-secure IWB holster. For those who want to take their concealed carry to the next level, this discreet IWB holster is tuckable, allowing your firearm and holster to disappear into your clothing. The ultra-thin steel MOD4U clip has a staggering clamping force, keeping it secured on your belt, so you can carry with confidence. The OATH is ambidextrous and includes a preinstalled ModWing to increase concealment.

Adjustable Retention

The highly customizable fit is perfect for those needing just the proper retention.


The OATH is ambidextrous out
of the box.

Advanced Concealment

The OATH takes concealment and
security to the next level.

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The OATH permits virtually every known optic, from RMRs to SROs.


The Discreet, Metal DCC MOD4U Clip is ultra—strong, with a high Clamping force to ensure your holster stays securely in place.


Thanks to the MOD4U Clip, the OATH is tuckable, allowing your holster and firearm to simply disappear from view, making it our most concealable holster yet.


With the preinstalled Mod-Wing, concealment is brought to the next level. Pushing against the backside of your belt, it leverages the grip towards your side, reducing printing. The 1/2” Large Attachment is also included for those who want additional concealment.


The OATH comes with fixed retention, so the hardware can be fully tightened without need for constant readjustment. The included shims permit two additional stages of lighter retention, to allow for an easier draw.


The OATH features a raised sight channel to permit after-market sights, while maintaining the low-profile of your firearm.


The mid-sweat guard keeps your handgun away from your body, clear of clothing and free from sweat.


The Undercut Trigger-Guard allows for a full grip on your firearm, and permits after-market mag releases, and admin reloads.


The OATH is ambidextrous. simply switch the hardware from side-to-side for either right or left-handed shooters.


The OATH features blackened stainless steel hardware, and self-locking patched screws, so you know your holster is held together securely.


The open-ended muzzle allows for threaded barrels to pass through.


The distinct, matte edge, buffed finish completes this sleek, minimalistic IWB holster.

The OATH holster series is a significant addition to the Tulster product family. Engineered with a red-dot optic in mind, the OATH accommodates the most common of RDS such as the RMR and SRO while maintaining a fit and finish that is exceptionally comfortable. This discreet Inside the Waist Band holster is tuckable allowing your firearm and holster to simply disappear into your clothing. Minimal footprint and matte-edge complete this sleek IWB holster product, The Tulster OATH.

This Holster is my Absolute Go To!

These Tulster Contour holsters are my favorite EDC go to for comfortable and secure concealment carry, after trying various holsters from different makers the Tulster Contour combines everything that works for my needs. Highly Recommend.

Joseph S.Verified Buyer