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About Tulster

It’s okay to make mistakes, experiments can lead to awesome products!
It’s hard to imagine, but at one time Tulster was just a hobby. It all began with an interest in making a custom holster. After months of research and preparation, the first holster produced was for a Sig P938 in November of 2012. Although a complete failure, it laid the foundation for something much better. Through trial, error, and lots of kydex the Profile Holster was born.

Interest in our holsters started on Facebook and spread by word of mouth. Tulster took on new territory when it published its very first website in the Fall of 2013.

By 2014, Tulster had grown steadily and became overwhelming for one person to handle out of a 2-car garage. Tulster’s operations were moved to a shop building in Jenks, Oklahoma, in the Spring of 2015 and hired its first employee. From that point forward Tulster has grown exponentially.

In the humble beginnings, all of our holster products were made using older methods of foam presses, bandsaws and sanders. With efficiency and consistency in mind, Tulster implemented vacuum formers and CNC machining for all of it’s holster production in 2016.
Today we are proud of the business that we have been blessed to manage. We can’t ever leave God out of the picture. Living out our faith in business is one of our personal convictions and we will not compromise on His direction for our lives and business.

For Tulster - we will continue to cultivate a fun working environment - allowing for mistakes, inviting new ideas, and embracing change to continue developing and sourcing great concealed carry products.

Meet the Tulster Team - Who are these people anyway?


Justin Courtney, Founder & Owner
Research & Development & Operations


Richard Hobbs
, Owner
Operations & Marketing