Gun Safety At Home With Kids

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Dec 6th 2021

Gun Safety At Home With Kids

Gun Safety At Home With Kids

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Dec 6th 2021

3 Methods to Gun Safety With Kids in the House

In America, guns are always a hot topic. Guns around kids and how the two mix or if they even do, or should, or can is also a hot topic. If you are a gun owner and you have young kids in the house or you have young kids who visit your home regularly you need to take some extra precautions when storing your firearm(s).

Gun Safety in The Home

The attitude of “no one will find it here” or “they can’t reach it here” needs to be a way of life that is dead to you. Kids can obviously be curious and mischievous which can make for a dangerous concoction or a deadly one when firearms are present in the home. No person in their right mind wants to cause harm to a child especially when it can be prevented by taking just a few extra minutes to keep a gun under lock and key. Practice safety and consider the following methods.

The Worst Method For Firearm Storage

There are a few methods of storing your firearms. Let’s cover one of the worst ways first. Cable action locks ship with every gun you buy, in most cases. These locks run through the action of the gun and the mag well. The other type of lock is a trigger lock, these types of locks might come with lever action or bolt action rifles. These locks that come with your guns should be an absolute last resort for making guns a little safer around kids. These locks are usually cheap in quality and don’t prevent the gun from being stolen. They’re also terrible to undo in the case of an emergency where you might need to defend your family from a midnight burglar. These locks require you to store the gun with an empty magwell and an open action resulting in not so stellar way to store your guns in case of a home intruder. These are flimsy and all-around should be used as only a last resort or temporary form of security. 

What is the Best Method to Keep Your Handgun Safe in Your House?

The next method is the best method that most of us prefer. Getting a gun safe. Now at first, this could sound like you need a $2,300 dollar safe to store your $600 conceal carry gun. That’s not true. If all you have to your name is a single pistol for your everyday carry gun and that’s all you plan to ever get then you could get a single tabletop pistol safe and be fine. You can find these in a variety of places and prices. The more innovative ones with keypads and biometric scanners will be faster to open, however, one that uses a key will work fine as long as you don’t lose the key. But we advise on keyless entry safes.

The Last Resort For Firearm Storage

Storing firearms up out of reach should be a last resort and only used when absolutely necessary. This method would only be most effective if the gun were placed up high by where you were sleeping for the night. That way in a sense you are almost guarding its location. But still we advise having them in a locked safe to ensure that little ones stay safe.

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