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  • Contour Series
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The TacWare Bit-Fit™ OWB loop has been designed to hold up to heavy, long-term EDC (Every Day Carry) use. The Bit-Fit™ outside-the-waistband loop is tapered side to side which allows the holster to be pulled tighter to the body than a standard box loop. Additionally, this taper allows the user to use a 1.5"-2" belt without any holster slop. There are 2 pairs of .25" inch mounting holes on the back of the clip. This unique hole configuration allows the user to mount the loop on either the right or left side of the holster, using either .5”, .75" or 1"spacing. This also provides the .75" on center user several mounting options for depth and cant. Finally, there is the Bit-Fit™ hexagonal hole centered over the rear mounting points. The hexagonal shape of this hole allows the user to employ a slotted .25" bit to engage slotted fasteners. The bit stays in place with light pressure, without spinning, while the fastener can be tightened from the other end. This makes installing the loops to your holster much easier, and the fasteners can be tightened down more securely. Proudly made in the USA.

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  • 2OWB Loops

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