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The Inspiration:
This program was born out of Tulster's FREE holster campaign for the Dallas Police Department in the wake of the recent war on our Law Enforcement. In an effort to show support and encourage off-duty carry, Tulster gave away almost 200 holsters to officers in the Dallas Police Department. Since we are not able to keep the torch burning on our own, so to speak, we are encouraging other businesses to follow suit or donate funds so we can all show our support to our Law Enforcement around the country.

List of Donations

Name/Business Amount Holsters Department Date
Tulster $13,000.00 200 Dallas PD 2016-07-08
Guardian Angel Exterminating $495.00 9 Baton Rouge PD 2016-07-19
Tulster $750.00 10 Tulsa PD Training 2017-04-17
Tulster $2,210.00 34 Jenks PD 2016-07-19


To show your support, please donate here: #BackTheBlue