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Do You Need A Good Belt? EDC Myth Busting

Do You Need A Good Belt? EDC Myth Busting

Jul 14th 2021

A lesson about concealed carry that I learned the hard way is that a good belt matters. If I could take you back in time to visit myself years ago when I first started carrying a gun, you'd find me with a cheap department store belt trying to make it through the day. Needless to say, I was miserable. Having a weak belt can ruin your experience and make you loathe concealed carry. Let's bust some myths regarding belt usage with concealed carry.

Myth #1: I can conceal carry with any belt.

Wrong! You can't. I mean, technically, yes, you can, but it's a downright awful idea. Back in the day, I used a typical run-of-the-mill department store leather belt. Belts of that nature are not thick enough to support the weight of the gun. My belt warped, and the shape sagged from where I carried my firearm then, at the 5 o'clock position. Another issue was that the clips on my holster would sometimes not stay clamped around my thin belt, which made my holster come unhooked as I drew my gun. Using flimsy or thin belts will result in an unsafe, impractical carry experience.

Myth #2: Using a stiff belt will be uncomfortable.

Wrong! This is so far from the truth. Having a stiff belt will actually make your experience better! A stiff, strong belt meant for EDC use will support the weight of your gun, which means no more sagging pants. Back when I didn't have a good belt, my holster would slide around, causing my gun and holster to rub my skin raw. Not to mention, it will throw off your draw to have your gun moving around in your pants all the time.

Myth #3: All a belt is good for is holding my gun.

Wrong! With the right belt, it becomes a tactical tool when you are in a pinch. If you have an injured arm or need to operate your gun with one hand, a belt can literally save your life. With a stiff belt like the Aegis Belt from Ares Gear, you can perform a "tap, rack, and bang." If your gun has a malfunction and you need to eject the empty so you can keep shooting, it's easy to kit your mag plate against your thigh or belt for the "tap," then you can "rack" your pistol off of your belt using the rear sight or the face of your red dot optic. Lastly, you could then finish with a "bang" if the situation needs it.

If you weren't before, hopefully, you're convinced you need to invest in a good belt and begin training with it. If nothing else, with a good sturdy belt, your pants will feel the most secure You've ever felt. 

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