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Products Liability Disclaimer

Tulster, LLC Products Liability Disclaimer

By accepting delivery of this Tulster, LLC holster you acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

Tulster, LLC is proud of the quality and detail that goes into each holster manufactured. While confident that Tulster, LLC customers are receiving top of the line products, it is an undeniable fact that firearms are inherently dangerous and their use can cause serious injury and/or death.

The detailed design of the holster you ordered requires that the proper holster be used with the proper handgun only. You should never place a loaded handgun into your Tulster, LLC holster without first checking that the fit is proper while the handgun is unloaded (double check to make sure that the chamber is empty).

The use of any trigger shoes, grip adapters, laser sights, or any alterations to the frame or dimensions of the firearm itself may cause improper holster fit and thus cause negligent discharge. Tulster, LLC holsters are manufactured for the specific gun it is molded to. Do not, in any way, alter your holster as this could result in an unsafe fit for your firearm and possible negligent discharge. Tulster, LLC and its owners bear no liability for accidents occurring as a result of a holster altered after receipt by the purchaser.

Tulster, LLC holsters are manufactured in an effort to fit the most current model firearms. However, manufacturers of firearms constantly update their product specifications. Even the slightest manufacturing change in a handgun can affect the proper and safe fit of your firearm in the holster. Tulster, LLC and its owners will not be responsible for such changes or for typographical or other human errors, which can and do occur despite diligent efforts. Should your Tulster, LLC holster become worn, loose, defective, or ill-fitting at any time, cease use immediately as the holster will no longer be safe to use at this time. In the event that your holster does become worn, loose, defective, or ill-fitting, contact Tulster, LLC immediately for warranty coverage instructions. Tulster, LLC accepts no responsibility or liability for accidents or deaths due to their product. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer.

Always abide by the established rules for the safe handling of a firearm—keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire, always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, only point your firearm at something you are willing to damage, and be sure of your target and its backstop before firing. Keep your firearm away from and out of the reach of children. Additionally, never attempt to cock or fire a handgun while it is holstered in your Tulster, LLC holster. Use in this manner could damage the holster, lead to an unintentional discharge, and/or cause serious injury or even death.

Please understand that Tulster, LLC is not liable in any way for the wear on the finish of your firearm from repeated drawing of the weapon from any of our holsters.

Because Tulster, LLC has no control over how its holsters will be used, or who they will be used by following their purchase, Tulster, LLC and its owners disclaim any and all liability for incidential or consequential damages to people and/or property resulting from any use of Tulster, LLC products. The decision to carry a firearm, either for recreation or for personal defense, carries the risk and potential for injury and/or death. Therefore, it is advised that you seek out and acquire proper training before using a firearm or any firearm related product.

All holsters manufactured and sold by Tulster, LLC are sold “as is” and “with all possible faults.”