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GunSpot Review: Tulster Contour

GunSpot Review: Tulster Contour

Posted by GunSpot on Oct 25th 2021

Dylan from the team at has left an extensive review of the Contour. Check out a little snippet of his review here before reading the rest on

GunSpot's Review

Concealed carry holsters and firearms are some of the most popular purchases in the gun world today. It seems like more and more people are accepting responsibility for their safety and the safety of their families. This is a great thing.

Holster options are plentiful; not just in brands, but also in positions of carrying. Up until recently, I had never considered outside the waistband (OWB) carry for concealed carry. Back in the day, I carried on my back hip, and years ago I switched to appendix carry and have not looked back. Then Tulster sent me the Contour OWB concealed carry holster for review and it got me to take a look at this type of carry.

The Contour has three holes to adjust the belt loops’ ride height or to set them at a canted position.

Since getting the holster in, I have been using it for CCW and have been very impressed. I have to say, my Hellcat with 15-round magazine is nearly invisible. If the wind is blowing, my appendix rig will print through my t-shirt. But this one doesn’t. Carrying your firearm on the side also naturally conceals some of it with your arm. The natural position for my arm hanging to my side at rest obstructs the view of where my holster is positioned under my shirt.

Functionality is great. Just like the appendix holsters Tulster offers, this one has a very good satisfying click as your pistol seats into the holster. And Tulster’s new RAS system is an intuitive way to see the retention settings you have applied to your holster.

Read the rest of Dylan’s review on

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