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The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro

The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro

Posted by Tulster on Apr 26th 2022

The Springfield Armory Hellcat has proven itself a mainstay in the world of micro-compact concealed carry firearms. We here at Tulster have been excited to offer excellent IWB and OWB holsters for it, going so far as to offer variants for the ever-popular Hellcat RDP that was released in 2021 and featured a newly added compensator.

To our surprise, Springfield released the Hellcat Pro earlier this year. Before getting our hands on it, numerous responses came in inquiring about the compatibility with our current Hellcat holsters. “The Hellcat Pro seems to be a bit longer, so will your Hellcat RDP w/ Comp holster fit it?”. The answer is no. 

Holsters For the Hellcat Pro

The Hellcat Pro is an entirely new firearm design, sharing none of the dimensions of the original. Because of this, our R&D team buckled down and began development on three entirely new holsters for our three classic series. The IWB Profile Holster, the IWB OATH, and the OWB Contour.

The Hellcat Pro features a lengthened grip, which houses the flush-fitting 15-round magazine, along with a longer frame. The Hellcat Pro also features a lengthened dustcover area, which provides more rail to accommodate a larger selection of WMLs — weapon-mounted lights — and laser attachments. Like all Tulster holsters, our offerings for the Hellcat Pro are designed in-house to the exact dimensions of the holster and feature a trigger-guard-based retention system. Because of this, lights and lasers will not fit in the Hellcat Pro holsters that we offer.

Mag Carriers For the Hellcat Pro

The 15-round magazine of the Hellcat Pro is a stunning addition to the micro-compact “staggered stack” selection of magazines. Like all staggered stack magazines, the Hellcat Pro will be compatible with our 9/40 Double Stack Echo Carrier. This same carrier will also fit the original Hellcat magazines. All that one has to do is use the included Allen wrench to adjust the patented MRD, Mag Retention Device. This pushes the backside of the magazine into the angled channel of the carrier, keeping it completely secure.

Whether it’s the low-profile, minimalistic IWB Profile Holster, the tuckable, highly secure next-level IWB OATH, or the innovative ultra-concealable CCW OWB holster the Contour, Tulster has something for every Hellcat Pro end-user on the market.

Keep an eye out as we continue to produce high-quality, precision fit holsters for upcoming offerings from Springfield, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, and more.

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