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Torture Yourself With The Dot Torture Drill

Torture Yourself With The Dot Torture Drill

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Jan 11th 2022

If you’re not the best shot with your pistol, it might be time to torture yourself. To be clear I’m talking about dot torture, a form of firearm training that might be the most methodical exercise one can easily do. This is such an effective exercise because it covers a multitude of skills, and your target is a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper. As long as you have access to a printer you can do this drill, or if you’ve got a pencil and a creative touch, that’ll work too. No need to worry about carrying or storing unwieldy large paper targets, a simple folder from home can store plenty of Dot Torture targets.

Dot Torture Instructions

With this target in your range bag, say goodbye to mindless range time and mag dump after mag dump. This target has all the directions spelled out on the page, it takes 50 rounds to complete and it will help improve virtually every handgun skill one can think of. You will work on everything from slow precise trigger pull, reloads, target transitioning, one handed shooting, and drawing your gun from the holster.

What You Need to Run The Dot Torture Drill:

What Distance for Dot Torture Drill?

Once you get the Dot Torture target set up, you stand at 3 yards away and simply follow the directions. If you complete the targets at this distance with ease, move back to 5 yards and continue adding distance. You can also incorporate a shot timer so that you can add a stress element to your training.

Dot Torture Drill PDF

This is an absolutely fantastic drill, and virtually everyone who carries a firearm has no excuse to not incorporate it into our training sessions. Below, we’ve included the .pdf for the Dot Torture drill so you can get it printed and start training today.

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