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Tulster OATH Review (“My New Favorite Holster”)

Tulster OATH Review (“My New Favorite Holster”)

Sep 29th 2020

Check out this review of the new OATH holster from the team at In his review, Dylan from Gunspot shares a few reasons why the OATH is his new favorite EDC. Some of the highlighted features that made an impression included

  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • The Mod Wing
  • Sturdy Metal Clip
  • Concealable Comfort
  • Adjustable Ride Height

    The OATH allows users to move the belt clip up or down, providing an optimal experience for a wide variety of individuals and preferences. This ride height also allows the OATH to be quickly drawn from a seated position, giving you confidence in any situation.

    The Mod Wing

    The OATH comes with two options for the mod wing, depending on the level of concealment needed. Additionally, the mod wings allow you to carry the OATH at a higher height with minimal printing.

    Sturdy Metal Clip

    The new robust metal clip featured on the OATH locks firmly in place and does not slide around your belt. The clip allows for a more consistent draw by ensuring that the holster stays where you want it.

    Concealable Comfort

    The combination of the adjustable ride height and mod wing results in maximum comfort. The high ride height makes sitting and driving with your concealed carry a breeze. The OATH also has a contoured edge, providing a smooth edge that does not dig into you.

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