NeoMag - Pocket Mag Holder, TYPE G, Raw Titanium EXtended Clip

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The NeoMag Type G is a minimalist backup magazine holder that inconspicuously clips inside your pocket. With TWO ultra-strong Neodymium magnets, you can ensure your Glock magazine is securely held and completely concealed. The eXtended NeoMag Type G features a lengthened clip for extended magazines or deeper concealment. 

Choose from 3 different sizes:

  • Large NeoMag
    • Single & Double Stack .45 Magazines
    • Single & Double Stack 10mm Magazines
    • Wilson Combat 9mm Magazines

  • Medium NeoMag
    • Single & Double Stack 9mm Magazines
    • Single & Double Stack .40 S&W Magazines
    • Single & Double Stack .357 Sig Magazines
    • For Wilson Combat 9mm Magazines, use Large NeoMag

  • Small NeoMag
    • Single & Double Stack .380 Magazines

The sizes above will cover most pistol magazines on the market no matter single or double stack.


  • Magazines with oversized base plates may not sit as low as shown.
  • NeoMag Type G is designed specifically for a stronger hold on Glock magazines.  We do not recommend using the Type G on steel magazines.
  • Magpul and ETS Glock magazines DO NOT work with the NeoMag Type G.


  • Low-ride Raw Titanium Pocket Clip
  • Machined Steel with a Black Nitride Finish
  • Stainless Steel Black Oxide Torx Head Fasteners
  • Features a Grip Pad so the NeoMag Stays Put
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnet holds Virtually Every Magazine Securely

Warranty Details

You may return unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund (less shipping). However, if items are opened and the return is not due to a defect or error on our part then a partial refund will be issued.

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