Springfield Armory XD-M/Elite 3.8" 9/40 - Contour OWB Holster - Right Hand

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Contour - OWB

The Contour is an innovative, highly concealable, and comfortable Outside-the-Waistband concealed carry holster from Tulster. Thanks to the ingenious “molded-in” concealment, low profile design, and minimal material, the Contour is the ultra-discreet OWB solution you’ve been looking for.  

The “molded-in” asymmetrical wings of the Contour’s Kydex shell angle the firearm’s grip towards your body, eliminating the visible print. The streamlined design conforms the holster and firearm to the contour of your waistline for maximum concealment. 

Set it and forget it. The Contour features the innovative RAS, Retention Adjustment Slot. Unlike other adjustable retention holsters that need to be occasionally re-tightened, the Contour’s RAS delivers peace of mind. Adjust the tag vertically to your desired strength of retention, and then tighten the hardware for a rock-solid fit. 

For those who have trouble with a traditional IWB holster, the  Contour offers the concealability of Inside-the-Waistband with the added comfort of an Outside-the-Waistband solution. The curved shell of the Contour, coupled with precisely placed hardware allows the holster to disappear into your waistline. The Contour is unobtrusive, easy to access, and provides the most comfortable and concealable OWB carry experience available.   

DISCREET BY DESIGN: The Contour features no unnecessary material and a sleek, curved shell, which allows the holster to conform to the contour of your waistline.

“MOLDED-IN” ENHANCED CONCEALMENT: The asymmetrical wings of the Contour angle the holster and firearm towards your body to eliminate printing and increase concealment.  

SECURE ADJUSTABLE RETENTION: With the Contour’s RAS, the tag can be vertically adjusted and fully tightened to allow for on-the-fly retention adjustment while keeping your firearm fully secure.  

ADJUSTABLE RIDE HEIGHT: The Contour’s belt loops are easily adjusted and held in place with custom stainless steel, ultra-secure double posts. This design allows the Contour’s ride height to be easily adjusted for the most comfortable carry position. 

ADJUSTABLE CANT: The Contour is a “straight-draw” holster, but the height of the loops can be offset to adjust the cant.

Contour Features:  

  • Optic Compatible  
  • Mid-Sweat Shield  
  • Open-Ended Muzzle 
  • Raised Sight Channel  
  • Undercut Trigger-Guard  
  • Adjustable Ride Height ¾”
  • Adjustable Cant  
  • Rounded and Buffed Edges  
  • “RAS” Retention Adjustment Slot
  • Blackened Stainless Steel Hardware 
  • Accommodates 1.5", 1.75", or 2" Belts
  • Minimal Material - .08” thickness 
  • Made in the USA

Included with Purchase:

  • (1) 1/4 Truss Screw
  • (1) Contour RAS Tag
  • (1) #8 Neoprene Spacer
  • (1) 1/4 Slotted Post
  • (4) 3/8 Oval Head Screws
  • (2) Bit Fit OWB Loops
  • (2) 1/4 Double Posts

Holster is compatible with: Springfield Armory XD-M 3.8", XD-M Elite 3.8", & XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP 9mm
Holster is not compatible with: Springfield Armory XD-M 3.8" Elite Compact OSP 10mm

Warranty Details

Tulster provides a LifeTime Warranty for all holsters and magazine carriers. If your holster or mag carrier at any time cracks or breaks, cease use immediately and contact us. We will fix or replace the gear in question.

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