ULTICLIP UltiTuck - Profile/Echo Series

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Compatible With:
  • Echo Series
  • Profile Series
  • Profile+ Series
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The UltiTuck combines 3 great features into 1 clip. It replaces most two hole horizontally mounted clips while providing these additional features:

  • Tuckable design – The innovative design transforms a traditional holster into a tuckable holster.
  • Beltless carry – The UltiTuck is built around the patented Ulticlip locking system which allows for beltless carry
  • Adjustable cant –  Two “T” shaped slots allow for adjustable cant and variable mounting hole widths of .60″ to 1″

UltiTuck provides the same great retention and concealment as found in the original Ulticlip.  Verify the UltiTuck has the right mounting option for your application by printing our mounting template.

Technical Specs:

  • Tuckable design.
  • Best option for belt-less carry.
  • 100% American Made Clip.
  • Military Grade Black Oxide Finish.
  • Heat Treated to RC 42-49
  • C-1075 Spring Steel
  • Wax/Oil Treated Steel – aids in smooth operation & rust inhibitor.
  • Minimum Profile, Maximum Concealment.
  • Size:1.5″ wide x 2.17″ long
  • Weight: .78 oz.

For all Tulster holster products, we do recommend wearing a sturdy belt designed for carrying a firearm. Be aware that with the Ulticlip, the process of drawing and reholstering may be a drastically different process, so practice with an unloaded firearm. The Ulticlip is EXTREMELY strong and may therefore rip or damage your clothing. The Ulticlip is not stainless steel, so if not properly cared for may rust or corrode.

Warranty Details

You may return unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund (less shipping). However, if items are opened and the return is not due to a defect or error on our part then a partial refund will be issued.

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