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Training To Shoot Vitals In 3D And Why It Matters

Training To Shoot Vitals In 3D And Why It Matters

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Apr 6th 2022

Why Practice Shooting in 3D?

You may be wondering, why is this important? On a paper target, there is usually a nice superficial circle that illustrates the kill zone. If you were to paint that target in the middle of our rubber dummy and angle it forty-five degrees, hitting the circle would not guarantee that you actually make contact with the vitals.

The rubber dummy target from is one of our favorite targets on the market. It is durable, can be easily painted, and travels easily. Crucially, the target is three-dimensional. The fact that this thing has a shape and it’s a relatively flat target like most of us shoot 99% of the time is highly valuable. This rubber shooting dummy is a great tool for understanding angles and shooting a live threat from various different angles in defense training.

Rubber Dummy Target Practice Strategy

When shooting at a 3D target, one must bear in mind you are not trying to get a perfectly displayed group in the dead center of the chest. We are instead, aiming for the vital organs that lay directly behind it. This can drastically change where you are aiming. If the target is at a forty-five-degree angle, you may find yourself needing to aim back toward the ribs or the armpit. If we were shooting at the center circle only and the target was turned to the side this would end up being entirely ineffective.

You can, of course, train with this in mind while using traditional flat paper or steel targets. Having the rubber shooting dummy to show you the exit point of your shots is highly beneficial for understanding this concept. The rubber dummy can be painted on the front to show shot placement, and it can be painted on the backfor visual feedback on the exit point. The exit point will tell you a lot about how you aim, your shot placement, and how it might need to be adjusted.

Try a 3D Target for Firearm Practice

The Rubber Dummy targets are $299.99 at the time of this writing for the full kit and stand. We highly recommend it, as it might be the most versatile target on the market. It can be shot with huge calibers, up close orlong-range, and it will withstand thousands of rounds before falling apart. Either way, make sure to mentally prepare. Think about shooting at an angle, and how the dead center of your target may not always be a “good” shot.

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