Why You Should Carry With the Alias System

Posted by Tulster on Apr 29th 2022

Why You Should Carry With the Alias System

Why You Should Carry With the Alias System

Posted by Tulster on Apr 29th 2022

NeoMag recently dropped their ALIAS system, what they call the “premium holster attachment system”. We would have to agree. This ingenious two-piece holster belt clip alternative is revolutionizing the holster market, and will undoubtedly be on everyone’s holster and belt in the near future. Why? Because of the undeniable upgrade it provides in virtually every desired factor of carrying concealed. We’ll go over a few of those features here to explain what exactly the benefits of the Alias are, and why YOU should be carrying with one.

What is the Alias?

The Alias is a universal holster attachment system, featuring a two-part design of “clips” and “receivers” designed by the awesome folks over at NeoMag. The desired clip is attached to the holster and securely click-locks into the receiver. It can then be simply removed with the click of a button. There are two receivers to choose from. One is a belt receiver, which attaches to most 1.5” inch concealed carry belts, giving you an incredibly secure and consistent holster attachment. Your holster will now stay securely in place, giving you a faster and more consistent draw. The other option is the “hard mount”, which can be installed virtually anywhere, like beneath a desk, under the dashboard of your car, or in your safe. 

This allows your firearm to stay safely and securely holstered, while also being modularly transportable. Do you find it uncomfortable to drive with your firearm, but still want a secure spot for your holster? Install a hard mount in an easily accessible location in your car rather than loose in your glove compartment or on the driver’s seat. Do you have a trusted desk where you want easy access to your firearm without needing to uncomfortably keep it on your person or have it stowed away in a drawer? Install a hard mount beneath your desk and safely transfer it to and from your belt.

Even without the addition of a hard mount, the Alias clip paired with the belt mount allows you to safely and easily put on and remove your holster without the struggle of unthreading your belt through loops or putting on and taking off a belt clip.

Extra Concealment 

One incredible feature of the Alias is the added concealment that it provides. Many people struggle with printing via their belt clip. Low-profile and ultra-thin belt clips, such as the MOD4U clip or the Monoblock from Discreet Carry Concepts do greatly help with this, but there is one undeniable fact. While wearing a tuckable holster like the OATH with a tucked-in shirt, your belt clip is on display for the world to see. Not with the Alias. 

Since the Alias belt clip is only installed once, NeoMag ingeniously used it as an opportunity to hide it from view. Using the included T10 Torx L-key, you install the Belt Receiver onto the desired location on the belt. This keeps the receiver firmly and securely on the belt, without any worry of it slipping off like a belt clip. The clip now sits concealed behind your belt, and permits the holster to be clicked in, and removed simply with the push of a button. Since the Alias is locked so securely in place, your gun will always be in the exact same spot, giving you a faster and more consistent draw. Without the need to constantly readjust, you'll find a significantly more comfortable holster experience.

A Well Rounded Experience

The Alias has two clips to choose from. The “Top Mount” clip will accommodate most FOMI-style clips with horizontal screw hole spacing. For example, the Tulster Profile Holster, and even our universal magazine carrier the Echo Carrier will both work with the Top Mount option. 

The second option is the “Bottom Mount” clip, which will accommodate your common tuckable clip with vertical screw hole spacing, for example, the ultra-concealable Tulster OATH, and the upcoming Tulster RATH for revolvers. 

With a huge emphasis in the industry on concealable firearms — like the prominence of micro-compacts such as the Sig P365 and P365XL, Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat Pro, M&P Shield Plus, or the ever-popular Glock 43X MOS and Glock 48 MOS — increasing concealment in every way possible is the goal for many people. The Alias provides the most concealable holster clip on the market, without any drawbacks. Especially for those larger firearms that need that extra push for additional concealment — Like the Glock 19, the Canik TP9, the XDM Elite 3.8, or the FN 509 — the Alias is the perfect way to round out your ideal holster loadout.

We here at Tulster can attest that this is a product we are proud to carry. We would say that we’ll be seeing the Alias on every concealed-carry user’s belt in the near future, but thanks to the ingenious design of the Alias, we won’t be able to see it at all.

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