Top 5 Concealed Carry Essentials

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Sep 7th 2021

Top 5 Concealed Carry Essentials

Top 5 Concealed Carry Essentials

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Sep 7th 2021

If you are new to concealed carry, it's easy to make bad purchases, spend a lot of money, and be unhappy with your decisions. Bad purchases will result in you leaving your everyday carry sitting somewhere in a gun safe instead of carrying it. Luckily for you, we are here to help you with an easy checklist of things you need to make your concealed carry life much easier. For the purpose of this article, we are going to assume that you already picked an appropriate gun for you, so we will just be talking about the gear to go with your gun.

holding tulster holster with firearm in it with tulster shirt


The most vital part of your everyday carry, besides a gun, of course, is the holster. A holster is the single most crucial safety gear when it comes to concealed carry. If you have some lousy pliable holster that can bend and shift, it can be a danger to you and the individuals around you. To carry safely, you need a firm, sturdy, secure holster with a full cover over the trigger guard. If you have that, you can carry with ease of mind that you won't accidentally shoot yourself. One of our all-time favorite holsters is the OATH from Tulster. We like this holster because we like appendix carry the best, and the OATH has features that complement appendix carry, making it secure and comfortable. Plus, as mentioned above, it is a sturdy holster with secure retention over the trigger guard.

belt for holster while drawing gun


The following vital piece of gear essential to a comfortable and secure concealed carry is a good belt. Now we don't mean an expensive designer belt. What we mean is a heavy-duty, reinforced, stiff gun belt. There are plenty of hefty belts on the market that are made specifically for concealed carry. Maybe to you, that sounds uncomfortable, well you're wrong. It's actually very comfortable. What isn't comfortable is trying to carry your gun with a fancy designer belt, that is, unless you like your pants sagging and you don't mind your belt getting warped. A stiff belt will adequately support the weight of your gun and keep your everyday carry from cutting into you. One of the best belts for this is the Ares Gear belt. There are other options out there; make sure you pick one known for being sturdy. And whatever you do, don't skimp on the price. Expect to spend between $60 and $100. To learn more about the importance of a good belt, click here.

best ammo for handgun


Next on the list is some high-quality freedom seeds! Of course, I'm talking about good ammo, not some cheap full metal jacket ammo. You need to get a box of defense hollow point ammunition from a reputable dealer. Brands like Federal, Hornady, Speer etc. are big-name brands that have been making defense ammo since it was invented. Federal and Speer have some of the most used and highest rated defense ammo to provide terminal results. For more information on the best rounds for your concealed carry, click here.

concealed firearm under t shirt


You do need to start dressing the part if you're going to carry a gun. Do you need to buy a new wardrobe? No, probably not. But you do need to dress in mind with your everyday carry, so no more skin tight muscle shirts, we also are not a fan of carry options without belts when you can avoid it. So for you, that means no more sweatpants, instead wear some pants with a belt. For tops, jackets, sweatshirts, and button-downs can hide guns the best, but any long, loose-fitting shirt will do the trick. With the right holster, you will conceal much easier, so don't be intimidated by that.

Man shooting target for training


Last but certainly not least, you need to go to a training class. Find a good trainer in your area and take some lessons to get more comfortable and efficient with your firearm. There isn't much there that will truly get you comfortable with your gun like a top-notch class. In all reality, you are much more likely to hurt yourself in a negligent discharge than you are to get injured in a gunfight. Don't become a statistic, be safe, be smart and take some classes. If you're new to concealed carry or new to guns in general, our intent is not to scare you out of carrying on but instead to encourage you to always treat guns with the respect they deserve. A firearm is not scary until it's in the hands of someone who has no respect for it. The United States will be a much safer place with more responsible gun owners.

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