Tulster Night Burglar - How to Protect Your Home from Invasion

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Feb 24th 2022

Tulster Night Burglar - How to Protect Your Home from Invasion

Tulster Night Burglar - How to Protect Your Home from Invasion

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on Feb 24th 2022

When do most Home break-ins occur?

One scenario we all prepare ourselves for in our self-defense journey is the dreaded nighttime intruder. The scene has been depicted time and time again across all forms of media, creating a sort of homogenous cultural image, collectively shared by millions of people. This is what most Americans picture when they think about home defense, but contrary to popular belief, the most common time for home invasion is between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

This doesn’t mean that a nighttime break-in is impossible. It certainly can occur, and it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that we are prepared for it. Prepping for home defense during nighttime can bring an entire host of unexpected challenges and questions, so for your benefit, and to the detriment of any potential intruders, we will cover a few things.

What to do in a Home Invasion

Step one is to immediately contact the authorities. This might be intimidating for some because it is unfortunately easy to second-guess yourself. If you trust your instincts and believe an intruder may have entered your home, err on the side of you and your family's safety, and dial 911 immediately. If possible, we suggest handing the phone off to another adult. The police will need to know details such as your home address, the amount of people in the house, and it is crucial to let them know that you are armed. By handing the phone off, you are freed up to commence defending your home while the other caller will stay on the line with the dispatcher.

From there, you can begin to arm yourself, grab a flashlight or use a handgun light like a Trigger Guard P365 Light from Streamlight, and then make your way to those you need to protect. If you have dependents like children, now is the time to make your way to their rooms to ensure they are safe.

While moving through the house, it is vital that you move quietly and slowly to avoid running into your intruder. In addition, we suggest not turning on all of the lights in your house, and there are quite a few reasons for this. Firstly, and potentially the most obvious reason, it is going to alert the bad guy that people are active within the house. Depending on the situation, this could be a good thing. If you are dealing with a petty burglar, they will often flee, as it is likely they are looking to avoid a confrontation. Just be completely aware that turning on your lights will make the intruder aware of your presence. Secondly, flipping on the lights after waking up will ruin your night vision. While waking up and being presented with a dark room, your eyes will be dilated. Flipping the lights on causes your pupils to constrict, and will affect your ever crucial vision if you need to engage in combat. Any sudden change in light will require a few moments for your eyes to fully adjust.

How to Respond to Security Threats in your Home

Once you make sure your family is safe, you have two options. Your first and safest option is get together, hunker down into a safe place with a good vantage point, and wait for the authorities to arrive. The second, riskier option, is to commence a full sweep of the house with your firearm, clearing each room and dealing with any potential threats. The second option, if you are not careful, could cost you your life. You could get injured by an intruder, or potentially even shot by police who mistake you for the intruder. If you choose to move through the house, proceed with immense caution and ensure you are familiar with self-defense laws in your state and country.

Protect Your Home with a Gun

To fend off a home intruder, remember to have a family plan. Talk with your family members about what the course of action will be. Have an everyday gun such as a Glock 43X, a Sig Sauer P365, (or any concealable and compact firearm of choice) close by where you sleep and stored safely, and keep a flashlight with plenty of battery life nearby. This scenario is unlikely to happen to most Americans, but for the unfortunate few, ensure you have trained hard and remain vigilant.

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