Improve Your Speed With The RangeTech Shot Timer

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on May 9th 2023

Improve Your Speed With The RangeTech Shot Timer

Improve Your Speed With The RangeTech Shot Timer

Posted by GunSpot, Tulster on May 9th 2023

Tulster RangeTech Shot Timer

Shot timers are a necessity for getting quicker and improving your shooting. If you really want to grow as a shooter, push your speed and accuracy to the limits, and force yourself to get better, then a shot timer is an essential tool.

Using a Shot Timer for Personal Practice

Shot timers are pretty standard pieces of technology that help you improve your shooting skills. They make a beep for the start signal and can record how fast your shot or multiple shots follow from that starting beep. It’s pretty darn simple. Most resemble little alarm clocks with LCD displays to read your times.

Today though, we’d like to share with you one that we ran across that breaks the mold.

The RangeTech Bluetooth Shot Timer

The RangeTech Shot Timer is an excellent shooting timer that adds 21st-century technology through Bluetooth integration. The RangeTech Shot Timer consists of two basic parts: The actual timer and your smart device.

The RangeTech Shot Timer connects to your smart device via Bluetooth, allowing you to use that as your screen to see your fire times and to change settings with a shot timer app.

Live Fire & Dry Fire Practice with the RangeTech

Grant LaVelle, the Chief Instructor at Maximum Life Expectancy and GunSpot, likes pairing this device with a smart tablet. Having the tablet set up on a tripod and synced to the RangeTech Shot Timer allows students in training classes to look from a distance and check their shot time scores. Plus, students can also start the timer from the tablet for other students. This makes being an RO or working with a partner a breeze! It also can help spark some friendly competition by having your scores flash up on the tablet screen for others to see.

The RangeTech Shot Timer is very easy to pair with a smart device, and the timer itself is about the size of a small smartphone. In the video above, we demo the RangeTech Shot Timer and perform some basic range exercises and show you how Grant challenges himself on trips to the range.

How to Drill Using a Shot Timer

To start off, Grant suggests putting the smart device in view and just doing a few reps of draw and shots onto the target to see your times. Once you see your lowest time recording, then go in and set a par time for your shots.

So, if your fastest draw and shot onto the target is 1.6 seconds, then set your par time for 1.6 seconds. This will give you an initial beep and a second ending beep at 1.6 seconds; your goal will be to get your shot in the time interval before that ending beep. This is the best way to challenge yourself to get a better total time on draw, presentation and accuracy under simulated pressure.

An Affordable Shot Timer with Outstanding Features

The RangeTech Shot Timer is a great piece of tech for the range, and we will be sure to use it around GunSpot. One of the best features is its price point. This timer only costs $74, while others with less technical features average around $130!

So far, we have found no negatives. The one thing we have not tested is how well it would hold up in inclement weather if you started to get rained on. The RangeTech Shot Timer is a total steal at its price, and we encourage you to add it to your firearm training.

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